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The Next Phase of the Win Blockchain Has Been Changed

The Connect community, with all who contribute, are constantly working to improve the experience. As such, there were many in the community asking for more time during this transition phase of the Win Blockchain. To allow for more time to qualify as an Influencer, the official date of transition into the next phase of the Win blockchain has been changed from Monday, May 16th to Monday June 5th.

This will give those who are looking to qualify even more time to do so entering this new phase. It is time to GROW and get the word out even more on the Win Blockchain. You are a key part of this community, and your contribution is appreciated! To help get the word out, there will be members of the community who are focusing on sharing the message and giving updates.

Those Community update calls are every Monday at 9am MST and 1pm MST and 7pm MST. IN addition to the Community update calls, if you would like to share the amazing blockchain projects with others you can do so, by inviting them to attend and introduction webinar on Thursdays at 9am MST, 1pm MST, and 7pm MST.

Again, your participation is appreciated! Let’s WIN together!

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