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People all over the world are benefiting from Connect’s simple and easy access to the blockchain. They are plugging in, running their BlockBot nodes and earning rewards from some of the very best blockchain projects in the world.


Let's Win Together

When you earn those type of rewards it is hard not to tell others about it. Trust us, we know. So, that is how the Win Blockchain came about. In the win Blockchain you are rewarded as you share amazing blockchain products with others and they get involved.


Sharing is Winning!

Every time BlockBot is sold—an angel gets it’s wings...or rather a Win Node is rewarded! That is mostly true. You see, anyone can become a Win Node on the Win Blockchain, but not everyone will choose to. Some would rather just casually share their experience and benefit others in the process. That is totally fine!

Be The Win Blockchain!

If you would like to become a true blockchain evangelist, and start earning amazing rewards in the process, Connect makes it easy!

If you are ready to get started—just follow these simple steps!


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