Be The Blockchain Energy Revolution

Green is a paradigm shift in blockchain technology. The revolutionary Green Smart Node can be operated on any device enabling users around the globe to mine digital rewards by converting and sharing electricity using software capable of running on any connected device.


A New, More Efficient Way, to Support The Blockchain and Earn Digital Rewards

Operating Green Smart Node software consistently in your home or office enables you to share your electricity, connectivity and storage to power the Green blockchain and earn a new Bitcoin like digital reward, GREEN. The patented Green Smart Node provides a new way to support the blockchain without the need for expensive, inefficient hardware.

Blockchain Mining

Using advanced intelligence, Green enable smart blockchain mining.

Smart Energy Grid

Support the expansion of the Smart Energy Grid and earn GREEN

Connected Devices

Install and operate your Green Smart Node using the connected device of your choice.


Use GREEN to reduce or completely eliminate your monthly power bill.

While there are a variety of sophisticated use cases for the Green Smart Energy Grid, many users simply reduce or eliminate their monthly power bill by using GREEN. When you purchase and operate Green Smart Node software, you support the fastest growing blockchain designed to decentralize energy around the world. When you earn GREEN you join thousands world wide who have reduced or eliminated the monthly power bill.

Reduce or eliminate your monthly power bill using GREEN.

How It Works

Earn Even More Rewards

Maximize Green by operating more node licenses.

Maximize Your Green Rewards

Reduce the cost of your power by installing solar. Install solar and maximize your return when operating your Green Smart Nodes.


Share your inexpensive or renewable power and earn Green. Now you can create your own blockchain power grid by sharing your power with other node owners.

We are a community dedicated and committed to building the Green Smart Grid. Our decentralized team of developers is working to release Green Connect, a new smart app that let’s you connect with other node owners to share your inexpensive or renewable power.