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Easily deploy a blockchain node on your favorite blockchain and earn Bitcoin-like rewards without the technical barriers.

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Connect is making blockchain easy.

Blockchain technologies are impacting virtually every industry. Unprecedented security and anonymity make blockchain one of the most important advancements since the development of the Internet.

However, new technology always has a learning curve. For many, the concepts in blockchain are counterintuitive and confusing. The leaders of the Connect project work hard to create software, educational resources and training to help make learning blockchain simple.

Practical Benefits.

A new way of solving old problems.

Greater Privacy
Increased Security

Unprecedented Privacy

Advanced algorithms are used by technology companies such as Facebook and Google to track user behavior, preferences and personal information. This data is being mined and sold. Your data on the blockchain provides maximum security and your individual preferences and behaviors cannot be tracked because the block chain is anonymous.


Data Security

Blockchain provides increased privacy and protection of data. Data is stored and shared across an anonymous decentralized network using advanced cryptography providing maximum security.


Decentralized Network

The blockchain is decentralized and operated by individuals just like you around the world. No one owns or controls the blockchain. Companies in every industry, institutions and individuals are adopting blockchain technology to ensure the continuity and protection of the data they use to operate and live each day.

How does the blockchain work?

A decentralized network.

The blockchain consists of millions of interconnected computers called nodes. Each node provides data storage, power, connectivity and computational resources. Blockchain transactions are confirmed and verified across the blockchain. Individual node owner operators contribute to the blockchain by donating a small portion of their computer’s power, data storage and broadband to support the blockchain. Digital rewards are distributed to node owner operators for supporting the blockchain.

The Internet

Centralized Network

Very large data centers, centrally located, provide the backbone of the Internet. These data centers are owned and operated by large enterprise organizations such as Amazon and Google.

These organizations set the standards for information and data published and consumed on the Internet. Operating these large scale data centers enables them to track user behavior, preferences and personal information, which is used to monetize their data centers.

Publishers lease data storage, computational power, energy and connectivity to publish content and applications on the Internet.

The Blockchain

Decentralized Network

Unlike the Internet, the Blockchain consists of millions of individual computers around the world. These computers run sophisticated software which contribute data processing, computing, energy and connectivity to support blockchain applications, securely store data and confirm transactions.

Nodes are owned and operated by private individuals, small and medium sized businesses and others. Node operators are compensated for their contribution to the blockchain. Sophisticated blockchain software confirms each node is in operation and providing the resources to support the network and perform functions.

Blockchain Nodes are software applications that individuals install and operate on their personal computer, mobile device or other Internet enabled devices.

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