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DIGr will change its name to ELEMENT in order to better represent the blockchain’s core utility – to monetize resources while they are still in the ground.


The ELEMENT community deliberated over replacing the name for months before reaching a decision. The concern was simply that ‘DIGr’ did not accurately represent the community’s core mission and the blockchain’s core utility – to replace or forestall digging whenever and wherever possible.

The ELEMENT blockchain, and the community that supports it, were founded to develop and deploy technology that would ultimately make gold, silver, and other precious resources more valuable when left in the ground. Millions of people, usually in underdeveloped nations, are negatively impacted in the mad dash to extract and stockpile our planet’s precious natural resources. By evolving the economics around this age old practice, ELEMENT is disrupting an industry that hasn’t substantially changed in thousands of years – and saving lives and conserving resources in the process.

As the ELEMENT community has grown, blockchain technology pioneers, mining industry thought-leaders, and global finance executives have emerged, desiring to help us expand the ELEMENT mandate. There is so much that we can do, so much that must be done, to ensure the limited resources we all rely on to power our technology and our economies will be available to everybody for generations to come. The name ‘ELEMENT’ serves as a more fitting moniker for our ever expanding enterprise and we are excited to announce its adoption.


DIGr officially changed its name to ELEMENT at 11:11 PM EST on January 26, 2022.


The best way to support the community is to operate a node on the ELEMENT Blockchain. Click here to learn more about how the ELEMENT Blockchain works, how to gain rewards for operating an ELEMENT Node or Smart Node, and how to obtain an ELEMENT Node or Smart Node.

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