Blockchain Projects We Love.

Over 20,000 strong, in over 30 countries around the world, the Connect community has decided to support these incredible blockchain projects. We believe blockchain is capable of changing the world and solving some of the most difficult challenges facing our world and society. Blockchain with purpose.

These projects are taking on some of the most difficult problems. From the environment to healthcare. Clean air and clean water. Providing opportunities for veterans and first responders. Empowering farmers and more.

Blockchain with Purpose.

The Connect community supports global blockchains we believe will change the world.


Renewable Energy

Climate change and consumption of fossil fuels poses an existential threat to our planet. While much is being done to develop more efficient renewable energy sources—we still have a long way to go. The Green blockchain was developed to promote the worldwide adoption of renewable energy.

Individual node owners who are contributing to the Green blockchain earn rewards by helping create the first decentralized power grid. Incentives to contribute power to the Green blockchain using renewable energy sources encourage individuals, small and medium sized businesses, multinational corporations and even government and public utilities to contribute to the expansion of Green—the world’s first decentralized power grid.


Crypto Debit Card

Manage and spend your digital assets with the Switch Rewards App and spend them with your Switch Visa® Debit Card at more than fifty five million merchants worldwide.

Switch lets you instantly switch between currencies and spend GREEN, BTC, ETH or BAT using your Switch Visa Debit card at more than fifty five million merchants worldwide.

The Switch app lets you store it, send it, switch it, and spend it—all with one easy app.


Healthcare & Wellness

Galvan is merging healthcare and blockchain technology by creating a community that leverages smart contracts to authenticate and incentivize the healthy choices of its members. Launched as a partnership between health and blockchain executives, Galvan seeks to transform medical delivery on a global scale by redefining the cost-benefit relationship between healthcare and healthy living.

Through the activation of the Proof of Action algorithm, Galvan members are rewarded on a daily basis for engaging in healthy activities and for sharing the biometric data those activities produce. From taking a 5-minute walk, to refilling a prescription, to getting a good night’s sleep, Galvan members are rewarded for making healthy choices. These digital rewards come in the form of IZE, which is used as a medium of exchange and is native to the Galvan Ecosystem. Members’ subscription costs can be offset, or even completely paid for, through their IZE rewards, making healthy living the only prerequisite for excellent healthcare.


Veterans & First Responders

Liberty provides unprecedented opportunities for veterans from around the world to unite, connect, and serve in a whole new way. Developed by veterans for veterans, Liberty is not a charity. It offers real opportunities to achieve financial independence.

Liberty is embarking on a mission to unite, connect and provide opportunities to serve millions who have dedicated their lives to provide freedom around the globe.


Compassion & Love

There’s a part of every one of us that dreams of a better world. That spark of inspiration to help a person, fix a neighborhood, or even change a nation. At Give, we believe your inspiration should be shared with everyone. Because that is how change happens.
That’s why we make it easy to inspire the world and turn compassion into action. By providing people an open, transparent, and accountable platform for donors and charities to unite behind a common mission.