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Inside Connect

Dear Connectors & Influencers,

Over the last few years, the Connect community has been participating in the beginning phases of the Win Blockchain. During this time many have earned digital assets and rewards by sharing Connect supported products with others. One of the benefits of a decentralized community is the input and feedback from those participating. This contribution has improved the Win Blockchain and shaped what is being released in the next phase. Between May 1st and May 16th, these improvements will be implemented which will add to the sustainability, growth, and future adoption of the Win Blockchain.

In the prior phase of the win blockchain any qualified participant could earn on the win blockchain. One of the qualifications was to pay a monthly BlockBot license cost of $200 / month for the first purchased smart node license and an additional $5/mo. for any additional Smart Node license purchased. Those monthly costs were a substantial part of the qualification process for earning on the Win Blockchain. The decentralized board and community agreed that there had to be a better way, which led to the removal of the monthly license cost.

With the removal of the monthly BlockBot cost, the qualification requirements have shifted and made it even simpler. Firstly, anyone can participate in the win Blockchain. If a free participant in the Connect community decides to participate in the referral program, they can share supported products and services with anyone to increase adoption of the variety of supported blockchains.

To participate in the highest levels of the Win Blockchain, anyone can refer 5 purchases of a Win Smart Node. Those purchases can come from one person or multiple people. As soon as any free participant has referred 5 Win Smart Node purchases or the equivalent in Win Lite Nodes, they will earn their own Win Smart Node. Once they have activated the Win Smart Node, they are then eligible to earn on the Win Blockchain at all levels. Secondly, for anyone who would like to begin earning sooner, they can participate in Start. With their $100 activation and $25 monthly contribution, they will begin accumulating Win Lite Nodes as well as unlock their ability to earn transaction rewards from all referred purchases. For Connectors who would like to expand their earning possibilities, they can purchase a Win Smart Node and unlock the ability to not only earn Transaction rewards, but Confirmation rewards also. Thirdly, for any free participant or Connector to participate fully in the Win Blockchain by becoming an Influencer, they will need to sell 5 Win Smart nodes. These Win Smart nodes can be purchased from any Friends they have invited to the win Blockchain, either from one or multiple Friends.

Another improvement is the implementation of standard pricing for a Win Smart Node. Many of the supported blockchain projects have written a natural growth or cost increase into their smart contracts. This means that with each Smart Node purchase, the price of that smart Node will increase one dollar. With the Win Blockchain, it has been decided to keep the price at a simple $2000 annual license fee. This will give those participating time to cover the cost with earned reward, as well as those who are attempting to qualify the ability to do so at the same level as those who have made purchases before them. Additionally, this will allow those looking to qualify to be able to do so with Smart Node sales and Lite Node sales or a combination of them. So, to be clear, to qualify for transaction rewards, one must own a Win Smart Node or be part of START. To earn as an influencer, one must have sold a minimum of 5 Win Smart Nodes or the equivalent in Win Lite Nodes. This change will take effect as of May 16th. All qualified individuals who participated and qualified under the requirements in the Alpha phase will receive according to those requirements. Moving forward, for someone to qualify for commissions, the new qualifications must be met by May 16th. Having active win Smart Nodes is another critical part of participating in the win Blockchain. This will be made available for testing in the coming days as well. Please stay tuned for more information on this.

The Win digital reward is the ultimate proof of action on the Win Blockchain. No other system or blockchain allows you to earn more by sharing amazing blockchain projects and technology with others. Not only can you earn ETH by referring qualified purchases, but you can also earn Win. The more actions you have on the win blockchain the more win you could potentially receive.

The win Blockchain is improving and as a participant you play a critical role in its growth and development. Your support is amazing, and it aids in further decentralizing the entire project.

It’s Time to Win!!

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